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In order for a device to be able to see guaranteed operation, it is necessary to carry out warranty conditions. In the two-year purchase period, it does not mean that the device will guarantee operation under all conditions.

Certain special conditions may change the warranty function and duration due to campaigns, non-portable equipment, working conditions and consumables.

These special cases and general warranty terms are listed below,

Warranty Service:

1- Unless otherwise stated, all devices are guaranteed to be brought to the service center for 2 years.
2- Some of the Workforce Models, enterprise-class, non-portable large-volume devices and pro devices have on-site service guarantees.
3- The L series is guaranteed two years in some printers and one year in total if you register your device on for a total of 3 years.
4- For some business series scanners like DS-1630, the warranty package is 5 years.
5- Our company has two years guarantee of our company in EPSON LX-350 Blutooth vehicle printer which is presented by our company's intervention and installation. Due to the class of interfered devices, the device is not covered by the EPSON warranty.
6- Projection lamps are guaranteed for 1000 hours or 1 year. Which will be exhausted first.

Warranty conditions:

If the following conditions are met, the device does not enter into the EPSON warranty and a paid repair is provided.

1- Excessive dirt,
2- Fluid contact,
3- High voltage,
4- User intervention,
5- Shutting down without using the button
6- Use of non-original consumables (cartridge, toner, ribbon, lamp, ink padi, drum, fuser, photoconductor, ink)
7- Contaminated care filter
8- Ink pad reset devices

Shipping Terms for Guaranteed Devices:

1- In cases where the service point is not available, you can send your guaranteed devices against our agreed cargo company Yurtiçi Kargo.
2. You will be charged one-sidedly from the point of service, and you will be charged this fee.
3- Devices with a guaranteed delivery but not guarantee conditions are reflected in the unilateral shipping fee.
4- One-sided supplier meets unilateral customer for shipping charge in non-warranty devices.
5- You can send your cargo through our agreed cargo company at the appropriate fee issue. The fee will then be collected from you.