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First of all thank you for choosing us,

You can connect directly to my site using facebook channel, you can sign up by filling in your information or you can make your shopping without any member.

Before commencing shopping, we advise you to read carefully what you are looking for, the specifications of the product you are looking for, and the warranty and return procedure.

Our shopping site provides you with ease of use in 3 steps.

You can put a product in your basket,

In the upper right you can see the basket can be visited, if you wish you can go to shopping completion steps by clicking on the payment button.
You can remove the product from the basket area, increase or decrease the quantity and examine it.

The next step is the address information step, which must be completed completely.

Enter your billing information. If the shipping address is different, click on the relevant button and enter the address on the opening screen. If you have an order note, click on the relevant article and write on the screen. Then click on the Continue button while reading the terms of use.

The most important and last step,

If you are going to pick up the products from our store first, choose delivery from store at the top right cargo selection area.

Here you can pay by Credit Card, Bank Transfer or by Mail Order.
The screen will be selected direct credit card, you can complete your order by entering your card details.

You can take advantage of the discount by selecting the bank account. For your order to not function, you must inform our customer service if you have submitted a money order form on your member's screen when you make a payment. Orders placed in this step will be held until you pay for your company accounts.

If you proceed with the Mail Order option, please select the appropriate bank and installment rates and mail order form should be filled in according to the information and scanned and sent by our mail. After payment collection, you will be provided with the output of your product.

If you become a member of the system, you will be notified of all discounts and campaigns, you can follow the status of your orders and you can get short-term returns.